Oxygen Analyzer

Oxygen Analyzer

Brand: Systech illinois

Systech illinois
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Brand: Systech illinois
Model: ZR800

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Oxygen Analyzer


It offers accurate, reliable and flexible oxygen analysis under the most demanding on-line operating condition

It's capable of measuring from 0.1ppm up to 100% oxygen in most industrial gas streams. With a response time and accuracy unparalleled in the industry, the ZR800 has found wide acceptance in the electronics, semiconductor, food processing and gas manufacturing industries.

The ZR800 is specifically designed to provide ultra fast oxygen analysis and performance you can count on. Available in three different configurations:

Panel-mounted or bench-mounted oxygen analyzers
NEMA 4X / IP66 waterproof and weatherproof oxygen analysis units
19 in. rack mount

All ZR800 oxygen analyzers utilise precision Zirconia Oxide sensors for accurate detection of oxygen. 


Application:Industrial Gas
Measurement range:Autoranging from 0.1ppm to 100%
Response Time:90% of step change within 5 seconds
Measuring cell typeStabilised zirconia sensor
Unsuitable gases:H2S, Ammonia, Corrosive gases, Hydrocarbons, Combustibles, Hydrogen etc.

Features & Benefits:

  • Non depleting, maintenance-free, oxygen sensors
  • Ambient air or traceable gas calibration
  • Microprocessor controlled functions
  • Large, autoranging LED display
  • Fast response
  • Unaffected by vibration or position
  • Sturdy, reliable construction with three mounting options
  • Specific to oxygen



  • Electronics - Solder powder production, Semiconductor furnaces, Gas quality
  • Metals - Heat treating/Annealing, Steel production, Pure metal production
  • Pharmaceutical - Inert packaging, Fermentation, Vessel blanketing
  • Process - Ceramics, Contact lens manufacturing, Food packaging, Glass/Fibre optics, Inert gas welding, Lamp manufacturing, Solar cell manufacturing
  • General - Gas production, Controlled environment, Glove boxes, Oxygen deficiency, Research & Development


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