Large incubator

Large incubator

Brand: ALP Co., Ltd.

ALP Co., Ltd.
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Brand: ALP Co., Ltd.
Model: Large incubator Large ITD series

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Large incubator
Ambient + 5°C~60°C 280 l~1400 l ・・・ Large ITD series

country of origin : Japan 

Large capacity
These incubators can store large amount of culture medium at a time.
The operation panel is located at top for space-saving and easy to use.
● Highly precise temperature control
The 3 digits digital PID temperature controller with platinum sensor provides highly precise operation.
● Natural gravity convection in the chamber by air jacket heating
Heating is in air jacket between the chamber and the heat insulation board inside the exterior panel..
This prevents culture medium from contamination and drying.
● Highly precise temperature distribution
Double doors seal up structure
The inner doors are tempered glass with stainless frame seal up. Together with the front outer doors, these
realize double closing system for highly precise temperature distribution.
Easy to observe inside when the front doors opened and this structure avoid thermal shock to objects
in the chamber.
● Inner wide chamber with no center pillar
The center part of both doors do not have center pillar.
The load of large objects can be set easy in the chamber through frontage.
The center pillar type is also available.(option)
● Service port
The service port is located on left side for sensor cables to measure temperature distribution.
● Safety
Over heat preventive device is set automatically at operation set temperature +5°C
and another independent over heat preventor (double).
Breaker for Slight leakage and over current is provided.

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