Digital Gerber Centrifuge

Digital Gerber Centrifuge


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Model: Astor 8 Digit

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 The new 8-place digital Gerber centrifuge

for your dairy lab

Made in ITALY

The new Astor 8 Digit centrifuge, with a 8-butyrometer capacity, is completely digital and built in full compliance with all advanced safety rules and with the Gerber method for the quantitative determination of fat in milk and dairy samples.


External structure in anti-acid painted metal

Lid with a rounded window for the inspection of the chamber during the centrifugation time

Safety block of the lid if the rotor is moving

Electronic brake of the motor to cut the stopping time

Digital display showing the active heating, open/close lid, set time, countdown, brake on, end of the cycle

Digital set of the centrifugation time: from 0 to 60 minutes or continuous cycle

  • Backlit on/off switch and separate keys to open the lid and to switch the heating on/off

  • Coloured LED lights showing the reaching of the right temperature (violet) and the unblocked lid (green)

  • Capacity: max. 8 butyrometers

  • Supplied with 8 anti-acid, easy-to-dismount/clean adapters for butyrometers

  • Pre-selected temperature at 65°C, according to Gerber method

  • Pre-heating time: max. 20 minutes

  • Perfect temperature homogeneity in the tubes

    Centrifugal force: 350 g ± 50 g, according to Gerber method

  • Dimensions/weight: 49x41x26 (H) cm, 18 Kg.

    Power supply: 230 V or 115 V, 50 or 60 Hz

  • Power consumption: max. 840 W

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