Portable Refracto-Polarimeter RePo-1

Portable Refracto-Polarimeter RePo-1

Brand: ATAGO

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Brand: ATAGO
Model: RePo-1

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Portable Refracto-Polarimeter RePo-1

Country of Origin: JAPAN

A fusion of index of refraction and angle of optical rotation -Making the invisible, visible
Brix can only indicate the overall amount of dissolved solid Announcing an All-in-One, refractometer and polarimeter hybrid unit. As little as 3mL sample, Repo-1 can measure both brix and optical rotation of the sample. With the press of a button, purity, international sugar scale, specific rotation, and concentration can be displayed. Users can also set an upper and lower measurement limit. An indicator light alerts the user if a measurement value is within the limits, allowing for optimal efficiency.
s in a solution. With REPO-1, it is possible to determine if a product has been adulterated by measuring the optical rotation.

“Could a Repo-1 be used in our field?” “How about for my unique application?” 
We look forward to hearing from you!



Angle of Rotation, Brix (%), International Sugar Scale,
Temperature (°C, °F)


Angle of Rotation, Brix (%),Temperature (°C, °F)
User (International Sugar Scale /Purity /Specific
Rotation / Concentration)
Brix (%), Purity, International Sugar Scale with Automatic
Temperature Compensation


Angle of Rotation: -5 to 5°
International Sugar Scale: -130 to 130°Z
Brix (%): 0 to 85%
Temperature: 15 to 40°C

Display range

Angle of Rotation: -5.99 to 5.99°
Brix (%): -2.0 to 86.6%
International Sugar Scale: -130 to 130°Z *
Purity: -120 to 120% *
Specific Rotation: -999 to 999 *
Concentration: -2.0 to 999% *
Temperature: 14 to 41°C
*Measurements are round to 1 decimal place up to 99.9
and to a whole number above 100.


Angle of Rotation: 0.01°
Brix (%): 0.1%
International Sugar Scale: 0.1°Z
Temperature: 0.1°C


Angle of Rotation: ±0.1° (at 20°C)
Brix (%): ±0.2%
International Sugar Scale: ±3°Z (at 20°C)
Temperature: ±1°C

Measurement time

12 seconds

Ambient temperature

15 to 40°C

Storage temperature

0 to 65°C

compensation range

Brix (%): 15 to 40°C
Purity: 18 to 40°C
International Sugar Scale: 18 to 40°C

Sample volume


Measurement wavelength

589nm (near D-line)

Light source


Power supply

Size AAA alkaline battery × 4

International protection class


Dimensions and weight

101×160×38 mm,325 g (main unit only)

(*1)These ranges are measured by the device’s 20 mm light path.
These are convertible to below ranges:
-25.00°to 25.00°with a 100 mm observation tube
-50.00°to 50.00°with a 200 mm observation tube
Any sample that has Angle of Rotation within above ranges can be measured by RePo units.

Application Examples:

  • Sugar industries (sugar manufactures and refineries)

  • Analyzing inverted sugar syrups

  • Analyzing fragrances

  • Honey industries 

-Investigating how fast different honey crystallizes by determining the fructose and glucose content 

-Researching honey collected from the same district, or honey collected from the same flower

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