Aquinity2 and Astacus2

Aquinity2 and Astacus2

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Ultra pure water from de-ionized water or tapwater

The new ultra pure water system familiy Aquinity2 and Astacus2 provides you reliable and compact systems which produces ASTM Type I grade water. 

Aquinity2 can be connected directly to (tap) municipal water whereas Astacus2 needs DI water. Both systems ensure high comfort at low operating costs

Aquinity2 systems are equipped with a reverse osmosis (RO) or additional an electro deionization (EDI) cell to produce de-ionized water with a production rate of 10 l/h (optional 20l/h). The systems are equipped with 35 lor 70 l storage reservoirs. The de-ionized Water can be dispensed straight from this reservoir. In the next step the ultra pure water is produced with a combination of cartridges with activated carbon and
mixed bed like in Astacus2

The Aquinity2 and Astacus2 models are available as Reagent, Analytical and LifeScience versions for different applications. The systems can be installed as bench mounted, wall mounted or bench integrated to optimize valuable space in your laboratory. As an additional option the new models enable remote diagnosis and service via Internet. This Remote Check offers you the opportunity to save time and money by fast and reliable support.

Technical Specifications:

resistivity:      18,2 MOhm x cm

TOC:              < 10 ppb (Reagent)
                      < 1 ppb (Analytical)
                      < 3 ppb (LifeScience)

flow rate:          < 2 l/min

Aquinity2 only:

reservoir:           35 l, 70 l
permeate rate:  10 l/h, 20 l/h optional


Reagent:          polishing cartridge

Analytical:       + UV-lamp 185 nm, 254 nm

LifeScience:    + UV-lamp 185 nm, 254 nm
                      + MCF Ultrafiltration module, 5000 d cut-of

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