Oxygen Permeation Analyzer

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The ultimate solution for fast and reliable oxygen permeation testing of multiple bottles, packages or films.

The 8700 with fixed platens is ideal for rapid permeation testing of multiple bottles in PET bottle manufacturing and as an invaluable R&D resource in laboratories for development work to test and validate new packages. In addition, this analyzer can be used for Quality Control, to confirm the performance and standard of the packaging. With ultra fast testing using Systech Illinois' Turbopurge™ technology this oxygen permeability tester can efficiently test up to 11 samples (expandable to 66) simultaneously in as little as 3 hours.


Industry: Packaging
Gas: Oxygen
Application: Permeation
Measurement range: Packages 0.00004 to 2000 cc/pack/day
Measurement range: Films 0.04 - 100,000 cc/m2/day
Test temperature range: Ambient
Controlled RH testing: Dry and unknown wet RH (assumed saturated or 100% RH)
Calibration: NIST referenced films and certified gases
Temperature control: Ambient
Dimensions: 760 x 590 x 350 mm
Weight: 65 kg


Features & Benefits:

  • Measure 11 samples simultaneously - individually started, stopped or delayed. Easy sample connection and rapid measurements make the 8700 and 8701 the most efficient permeation analyzers available.
  • Ultra fast testing - the fastest stabilisation time for permeation measurement. Saving out-of-specification production time. Testing can be done in as little as 3 hours.
  • These analyzers are set up to eliminate errors and reduce operator training.
  • Confidence in your permeation measurement - the proven coulometric sensor provides you with reliable, repeatable and accurate measurements, time and time again. 
  • Simple Windows based software control - easy to set up with Quickstart stored testing configuration settings and clear concise results presentation.
  • Low Running Costs, no special gases required. Industrial grade nitrogen is all you need.


Ideal for rapid permeation testing of 
multiple bottles


  • PET bottles
  • Coated PET bottles
  • Coated bottles for beer, wine etc.
  • Soft drinks bottles
  • Bottle closures
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