Intrinsically Safe Portable Oxygen Analyzer

Intrinsically Safe Portable Oxygen Analyzer

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Portable oxygen analyzer used to measure oxygen levels suitable for hazardous environments.

The EC92DIS portable oxygen analyzer can be used in hazardous areas - approved for II 1G Ex ia IIc Ga T4 - Zone 0 (ATEX). It is designed to measure oxygen levels and can detect oxygen levels as low as 1ppm, up to high percent oxygen levels and can be used on most industrial gases and atmospheres. There is no need for routine maintenance of the fuel cell, and the oxygen analyzer instrument may be easily calibrated, using ambient air or standard calibration samples. 



Industry: Process
Gas: Oxygen
Application: Intrinsically Safe
Measurement range: ppm and %
Technology: Electrochemical
ATEX Approval: 0
Power supply 2 x PP3 dry batteries, fitted internally
Ingress protection IP40
Dimensions 102H x 257W x 271D mm
Approvals ATEX II 1G Ex ia IIC Ga T4


Features & Benefits:

  • Unique fast purge system
  • Easy calibration
  • Maintenance free measuring cell
  • Intrinsically safe certification
  • Selectable ranges of oxygen levels % and ppm
  • Powered by 2 x PP3 batteries


  • Offshore
  • Chemical plants
  • Petrochemical
  • Gas purity checking
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Centrifuges
  • Hydrogen plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Inert atmospheres and cylinder gas analysis in hazardous areas
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