Milk Analyzer

Speedy Lab

Analyses of fat, proteins, lactose and SNF in milk

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Advantages: -

*      Analysis of fat, proteins, lactose, salts, density and dry matter (SNF) in different kinds of milk

*      New and user-friendly interactive menu for analyses and calibrations

*      Simple calibration procedure, by keyboard or by a PC, for 3 different kinds of samples

*      Results in about 90 seconds, without the need of the operator's presence

*      Preparation, homogenization and heating of samples are unnecessary

*      No need of consumables or chemicals

*      Aspiration of the sample from every kind of container by means of a precision pump

*      Extendable sampling pipe

*      Separation of the inlet channel of the sample from the outlet one of the waste: total absence of carry-over

*      Calibration and data-handling software included

 And now:

Certification according to Russian GOSS Institute

Technical features:-

§  Measurement ranges and accuracy:

§  Fat: from 0,01% to 25,00% ± 0,10%

§  Lactose: from 0,01% to 6,00 ± 0,20%

§  Proteins: from 2,00% to 7,00% ± 0,15%

§  Dry matter (SNF): from 3,00% to 15,00% ± 0,15%

§  Salt: from 0,40% to 1,50% ± 0,05%

§  Density: from 1.000 to 1.160 Kg/m3 ± 0,3 Kg/m3

§  Sample volume: 15 mL

§  Working conditions: temperature from 10°C to 35°C; RH from 30% to 80%

§  RS232 port for PC and printer (the EP-50 thermal printer is sold separately)

§  USB port for PC connection

§  Power supply: 12 VDC for 110/220 AC voltage - 50/60 Hz. Car plug available upon request

§  Power consumption: 65 W

§  Dimensions: 230x230x205 (H) mm

§  Weight: 4,5 Kgs.



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